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The birth of the project

BKHS Bablake has a diverse set of co-curricular activities, our largest yet being the Bablake Time Machine. This project is the modifying a DMC DeLorean into the classic and iconic ‘Time Machine’ from the well-known movie franchise, ‘Back to the Future’, which was an idea of one of the schools Design Technology teachers, Mr. Parsons.

“I’m a huge fan of the DeLorean and Back to the Future, and it’s been one of my dreams since I was a child. I thought it would be an exciting opportunity for the pupils. But this could be the start of something exciting. Who knows what will be next.”

The car itself was released on January 21st, 1981, and only 9,000 cars were produced in the year before the company went bankrupt. Despite having a reputation for bad quality, the DMC DeLorean became a classic must-have in many car collections. Produced for American market, the car was really the only one produced by it's company.

We have 35 students and teachers of all ages working on the project, all who are part of teams, each of which focuses on a certain part of the car. With the immense amount of detail we aim to add to the car, we must seek out rare, handmade parts from around the world and craft in-house pieces to make our car the best we can. The owner of the car, Mr. Hubbard who is also the owner of ITS TOOLS (, has offered to sponsor our project, as well as several other companies. We have two years to work on this car to ensure all modifications are as thorough and well-crafted as possible. Working on the car is an honour for everyone involved as only a limited number of students can been accepted into this project, and there were many who wanted to take part.


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